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Project Description
SMSPPP provides us with a tool to send SMS (Short Messages) using our Windows Mobile device (functioning as Mobile Phone).
The tool is composed by a server software (to be installed on the PocketPC side) and a client software, that is a Microsoft Outlook 2007 Add-in.


Server Side
  • First, you have to install the .NET Compact Framework 3.5 on your mobile phone PocketPC-enable.
  • Then you can install the CAB with the server tool.
    • Whenever you want you can connect your device to ActiveSync on a PC and start the server program (it is important just to do this in this order).

Now take a look at the Client-Side.
  • After you've installed the Outlook 2007 Add-in:
    • Compile the project and then >> execute the VSTO file to register the plugin
  • After you'll be able to send SMS just click on "New Message" (mail) and then click on a little icon in the ribbon "Show" named "SMS".
  • A new Outlook region will show and you can compose your message.
  • In addition you can select multiple receivers (automatically imported from outlook contacts) to send multiple sms in one shot.
  • You can use quick lists to save time in your massive sending operations.


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